Welcome to Sanchelli - multi-award winning hairdressing salon in Takapuna,
Auckland, New Zealand.

Sanchelli - a particular atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure.

Individualised service of the best international standard, manifests the new avant-garde concept of excellence, to satisfy the most exquisite demands of our clientele.

Sanchelli Hairdressing  was established  in 2006 in Takapuna Beach, and has instantly created a name as the destination for innovative, creative design and high quality service.

You will enter a sanctuary where beauty is not made, it is discovered.

A haven where relaxation is impossible to deny as you lay back at the hair washing basin in large comfy chairs while you listen to soft tranquil music.

Multi-award winning stylist Patvakan Bayanduryan has created a salon that is in every sense worthy of a name such as Sanchelli, which translates to mean “more than beautiful”.


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